"I choose the Creative life, learning to appreciate the Now. I have done so since Jan 15, 2001. I watch my life as it unfolds minute by minute and I make my choices based on that new vantage point! Welcome to NOW, welcome to SoozLand!" ”

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Hi folks! Musicians lost all our gigs in 2020. Unemployment benefits are "iffy". If you are enjoying my Facebook Postings and my YOUTUBE CHANNEL ( "SuzanneShea Comedy Music Yakking" ) and want to TIP a little.. I sure could use it! Best to all of you as well; these are challenging times to say the least!

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Previous events

Suzanne Shea is a Featured Guest on Jinnah Willams' LIVE STREAM Show.

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"Wine on Wed" Live Stream Show, San Diego

Jinnah Willams' Live Stream Music Show "Wine on Wednesday" will have Suzanne Shea on as Featured Guest March 3, 2021.

Music from The Hertage2

"Heritage2 Studio", La Mesa CA

STAY TUNED! Now that voice is back after that awful 6 mos of no voice, I'm going to set up some ONLINE steaming shows, or they may be VIDS. I'll keep you posted ! CK MY Facebook page often . New info there DAILY!


  •  Welcome!   My name is Suzanne Shea. I'm a Singer/Guitarist ,,,and at times Actor,  who loves to bring Originals and Classic Coversongs to life;  I also LOVE Comedy and creating Sketch Characters.  (PLEASE GO TO MY YOUTUBECHANNEL  and "Subscribe" (Google "Suzanne Shea Music Comedy Yakking")..    Things have been very challenging this year,  2020.  The Pandemic hit and all  my /our gigs ceased.  We musicians /performers  are crossing our fingers that the world will once again allow people go go back to work.  In the meantime, we performers are stuck at home and trying our hand at Online videos  singing our songs and other creative adventures. Please stop by my YOUTUBE CHANNEL I'd love to see you there!    Enjoy your "Now"  folks, because we've just been shown that we NEVER KNOW when life will change on a dime.  These are challenging times to say the least! Good luck to everyone .... we all hope to work again!)

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