At age 13 I taught myself my first three chords on guitar. Right then I knew I'd have a life in Music. What an incredible Journey... and still going! I also learned about living in the Now. I watch my life as it unfolds minute by minute and I make my choices based on that new vantage point. Welcome to NOW! Go to my NEWS page to see what's up! ”


  •  Welcome!   My name is Suzanne Shea. I'm a Singer/Guitarist, sometimes Comedian and  GoGo Dancer(?)!     I sing  Originals and Classic Coversongs.  I sometimes make videos creating Sketch Characters. I also love to dance.   (PLEASE GO TO MY YouTube Channel  and "Subscribe" (Google "Suzanne Shea Music Comedy").  Things got very challenging in 2020 to say the least.  The Pandemic hit and all gigs ceased.  We musicians /performers  are just now getting work again.  It's  happening,  albeit  small careful steps here and there,  but it's happening! We'll play it by ear (pun intended) and adjust and adapt as we go along.   Please support Live Music performances where you can.. we need you!      Enjoy your "Now"  folks, because we've been shown that we never know when life will change on a dime   but that has always been true.   SO live like you mean it!   Celebrate Life and Family and Friendships and start with that person in front of you at the mirror.  RX: Introduce yourself to yourself saying.. "from this day forward I"ll treasure you, respect you. I've "got your back".  Apply liberally and then get out there and seize each day! Doesn't cost a cent,  but it's worth MILLIONS!

2020 was the Defining Year!

Post Pandemic 2023 … vs…   our Pre- Pandemic lives.    

Most of us had read at some point that the entire world went through a Pandemic in 1918.    "What a nightmare that must have been"  we'd say!   It seemed that  something…

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