2020 was the Defining Year!

Post Pandemic 2023 … vs…   our Pre- Pandemic lives.    

Most of us had read at some point that the entire world went through a Pandemic in 1918.    "What a nightmare that must have been"  we'd say!   It seemed that  something like that could NEVER happen to us in this modern age.   How naive we were.    The 2020 Pandemic  like so many other harsh realities made us all realize that  life can and will change on a dime.. so  best to really LIVE" and appreciate our minutues here.    I've tried living  that reality  since 2001 .. when I had an epiphany.. and I  do pretty well appreciating each moment I'm given here.    NONE of us were  prepared for the Pandemic .. 2020/ “Covid-19”

  Rest in peace  all those millions of people  who did not make it. And for the rest of us,   yes indeed be grateful  and hopefully it has  sharpened  one's Viewfinder! 

I lost all my gigs ….  as did everyone else   who had any sort of job that involved being out of your house and around people.   I also got sick and lost my singing voice during Covid.  It's  been quite a challenge retrieving it  .. but it's back!     A  bit rhaspier and full of “stories” as I like to say but  I'm still in high spirit and  big desire to make sure I get to keep singing to  people  and share that  magical  trade of energy called Live Music.    My desire to do so has only gotten stronger! 

SO on we go,  those of us here to carry the message to appreciate our time here and using  Music that will always be there for  Healing and Happiness.    I'm so grateful I can provide some of that “medicine” wherever it's needed and so grateful for audiences who, in turn, send that wonderful energy and healing right back my way. And around and around it goes between us! 

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