GIG NEWS!    (Gig listings below) .MORE to COME!  

Life has been  quite a doozy  since 2020.   We all  lost our gigs due  to the Pandemic shutting down the world! Some of us  lost our voices as well. I had a very bad case of an  upper respiratory infection that left me without a voice …  thank goodness with time and care,  I got my voice back. 

  Now It's 2024.  Live Music started coming back in earnest in 2023    I'm so  happy to be back to gigging  whether doing the “one-off” gigs..or  weekly gigs!   I  loved being back at  Pesto  Kitchen!  ( 6011 El Cajon Blvd, They had to close their doors Dec 26, 2023.      I did two residencies there : 2018-2020  with Mike and John, .Then Solo (with Music Guests ) Sept 26 - Dec 26th 2023 !  

AND  now!.. The owner of Pesto Kitchen   just got rehired me again! At his new location in  Mission Valley!  I'll be there every Tuesday night…. starting March 19th,   2024!     I'm a performer at heart... always have been, always will be… and singing to people brings me enormous JOY so I'm  determined to keep finding gigs!  Stay Tuned!  

The  MINUTES we are given in life are gifts;   I try to be  sure to use them well and never take them for granted.  Hope you can make it to my gigs!   LOVE YOU ALL!