GIG NEWS!    (Gig listings below) .MORE to COME!  

Life has been  quite a doozy  since 2020.   We all  lost our gigs but for some of us we lost our voices as well...  due to either lack of those ongoing weekly gigs that exercised the voice. OR  having a bad case of a Covid- relate upper respiratory infection!

When the doctors finally let me book a visit in person ...  that finally got me the referral to an  ENT,  He  put this  little tiny camera  down my throat to  look at my vocal cords..and confirmed what I could feel..   mega inflamed vocal cords!  I was told to  and "give it time". And time it has taken!  Such is life.

Told to let the voice rest and not sing for “awhile” ended up a year or so.    I  kept myself entertained at home while we were in lock down in other ways. making up Comedy Sketches and Characters, and making some Whistling  videos..   so that way  could still play my guitar to  keep my callouses in shape and still “sing” ( whistle) the melodies .    EVERYONE has their Covid story that's for sure,  and  bottom line of course,  if  we are  still here.. that  means we were the lucky ones.

  Now It's 2023.  Live Music is back!  However many venues decided to forgo having live music . But I'm hoping to find two residency  gigs a week.    I'm a performer at heart... always have been, always will be...  so that is my bullseye! 

The  MINUTES we are given in life are gifts;   I try to be  sure to use them well and never take them for granted.  Hope you can make it to my gigs!   LOVE YOU ALL!