JULY 2022 .. STAY TUNED FOR possible  GIG NEWS -even if just on a mini scale!  . 

...  WELL. it's been quite a doozy  life these past  2 +yrs since the Pandemic hit and musician's gigs were cancelled! Early on I also  lost my voice to some crazy  "cough from hell " respiratory thing for 2 weeks straight  20 hrs  day back in March 2020.. ( I'm betting it was Covid virus but at that time Kaiser said unless you have a Fever it's not Covid.. so i just treated it at home best i could.)  But it completely stripped my vocal cords raw OUCH!  lol And I was left with  a sandpaper voice when I'd try to sing.,   There were  NO gigs anyway due to Covid so all my singing stopped.

When they finally let me get into Kaiser  to have a look at my throat.. the ENT doc put this  little tiny camera  down (my nose .. lordy that was not fun)  to  look at my vocal cords.. He said yes they were mega inflamed  and "give it time". Such is life.

  So to keep myself entertained at home while we were all in lockdown and semi lockdown, I  created a Comedy Sketch Character  "Pamela Truth" an over- the- top ridiculously  silly gal . but it kept me busy.  I also made some Whistle Videos!  so I  could keep my finger callouses up on my guitar ...  but still get to to "sing" a song via Whistling instead since I love to whistle

  EVERYONE has their Covid story that's for sure and  bottom line of course I'm one of us lucky ones who is still alive to talk about it.   

It's July 2022 as I write this  and although variants of Covid are out there (and prob always will be) we are slowly coming back to LIFE . Wonderful that the  MUSIC AND GIG  world  is coming  back .... but only about half the Venues decided to have music again.   Perhaps later more of them will  have music again.   OR they may have found that although it was a nice thing to offer their patrons, they really do not need that  extra expense of paying a performer, and the yearly Licenses they had to pay to have live music.

At my chapter in life now,  as strong as I am due to dedication to staying fit,  tis a  bit weary toting  heavy PA equipment down to my car, then into  the gig, then from gig to the car and back up my stairs to condo.. so there's that.  :)

HOWEVER,  I'm a performer  at heart... always have been, always will be and I miss that!   There are senior centers to play to etc,,  but I also want  do be able to do an hour of songs for public gigs as well .

  SO .. yes I have IDEAS cookin' They will be gigs on a  casual level  and regular gigs.  It  will be wonderful to get to enjoy singing to live audiences again.

I'm always excited about life and  "re-inventing" myself. I"m  adapting some gigs with great fellow singers in town time to time,  and looking into some solo ideas as well for private home parties etc.   ALSO.... get ready for SILVER HAIR SOOZ  as well..   Wheeee!   Excited about my color change coming up!

The  MINUTES we are given in life are each  a gift;  I try to be  sure to use them and never take them for granted  to keep moving forward in a positive light.      LOVE YOU ALL!