VIDEO 1   :   CLIP of me doing a portion of my fav song,   The San Francisco Bay Blues!

VIDEO 2:  (UnEdited )  Mike I playing in Encinitas . He's  the  on keyboard and guitar . Most of footage is  me just yakking away)  but if you go to the  10:12 time mark -until  13:38 ,  we're doing the song ""18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses".      Fun night , good laughs!

VIDEO 3: Comedy night!  Singing my original song "Tatas to Baja"  at Joe Rathburn's wonderful ongoing series, "Folky Monkey". I was asked to sing my (wee bit irreverent song about the forces of gravity)!   

VIDEO 4:  With my son Michael Philip Reed (in our side project   a duo called  "YOUR MOM" or "MOTHER SUN")  performing at Cozy Cottage Concerts in Ocean Beach, CA.   Thanks to Brenda Panneton for hosting that great series, and to Richard Pollard for his  filming, . and thumbs-sup  to that awesome audience providing a great backup singing group!!