Here are some fun photos from a trio I put together  called "Suzie & The Playboys"  I was  joined by my talented son  Michael Philip Reed on guitar and keyboard and harmonies. We had our good friend,John Pritchard on bass and harmonies.. The trio was in it's 4th yr  of  residency  gigs , having a ball!   Then  Pandemic 2020 hit and in a flash all venues CLOSED their doors.. and it was over  for us,  and all musicians,  in a flash.   I'm so grateful I got to have those years gigging as both a Solo act and this Trio with those talented guys  We had so much fun at every gig! Michael ended up marrying his  wonderful gal and they live in  Europe now. John is working on his music at home as i am doing the same. IF  venues open up again for Musicians to work, John and I hope to be back to playing music together again!